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My private homepage contains :


Photos of historical sepulchres on the world-famous cemetery of Ohlsdorf in the heart of Hamburg.


City-views of Hamburg, Berlin and other German cities.


Exposures from the Marian place of pilgrimage Lourdes in the Pyrenees.


Information on the cemetery of Ohlsdorf.

This homepage mainly presents photos, combined with short information on the respective picture.

For one thing, this means that the pages might need some time to load on older computers, especially concerning very detailed photos.
Moreover, since most photos are relatively big-sized, even as the site is optimized for 800x600, I would suggest to use the F11 key if your browser offers that possibility. This will enable your browser to use almost the full computer screen for the webside so you can (almost) see the whole picture and you won't have to scroll so much.

The browser can be brought back to it's usual mode through repeted use of the F11 key.

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Tomb art on the Cemetary of Ohlsdorf :

Pictures of the Marian place of pilgrimage Lourdes :

Photos of the Hanseatic city Hamburg :

Pictures of the German capital Berlin :


Photos created from delight in photographing :

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